Low Noise Amplifier with Integrated Bias Tee

Low Noise Amplifier with Integrated Bias Tee combines LNA with Bias Tee into one module. There are no Pins on the module to hard wire power and ground to.

The DC voltage is fed through output port (SMA Connector) to power the Low Noise Amplifier inside the module.  The antenna output or input signal is fed through input port that will be amplified by the LNA.

Part Number Data Sheet Start Freq. Stop Freq. Gain dB NF dB Gain Flatness P1 dBm IP3 dBm VSWR (IN) VSWR (OUT) DC Pow. (Volt)
DC Pow (mA)
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LNA50M4GBT PDF 50M 4G 18 0.8 N/A 22 35 N/A N/A 3~5 40 EAR99 $175.95
LNA100M2GBT PDF 100M 2G 20 0.45 N/A 20 36 N/A N/A 3.3~5 68 EAR99 $186.95
LNA600M6GFGBT PDF 0.6G 6G 21 0.9 2dB 19 35.5 N/A N/A 3.3~5 56 EAR99 $197.95
LNA700M6GBT PDF 0.7G 6G 20 0.4 N/A 20 35 N/A N/A 3.3~5 70 EAR99 $197.95
LA1G6GHBR PDF 1G 6G 34 0.9 1dB 17 30 1.2 1.2 8~36 70 EAR99 $398 Order