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    Gold Plated (ENIG) Prototyping Base Plate

    The prototyping Base Plate (BP) has 3/16” Uniform (Square) hole spacing and can be used to mount and align Lotus RF modules. The size of the Base Plate is standard 3U Size with Length(160mm) x Width(100mm).  Larger size is also available.

    The Base Plate is made by 1/16” Aluminum PCB. One side (where you will mount the RF modules) of PCB is plated with Electroless Nickel Immersion

    Lotus RF enclosure modules can be mounted using #2-56 Socket Head Cap Screw and Nuts. A designer can quickly assembly a prototype RF system using this Base Plate.

    In addition to quick prototyping, this RF base plate can be mounted to 3U enclosure or Chassis for system integration. For example, this base plate can be mounted to Hammond Extruded Aluminum Enclosure 1455L1601, 1455N1601, Watertight Enclosure 1457L1601, 1457N1601, and EMI/RFI Enclosure 1457L1601E, 1457N1601E.


    • 1/16” Aluminum PCB with Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) on one side
    • Length(160mm) x Width(100mm) fit in 3U Enclosure or Chassis
    • Larger Size Available

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