RF Enclosure Kit

Lotus Com. Systems Inc. offers many standard sizes RF enclosure kit.  The size of the RF enclosure kit varies from 5Ux4U (1U=3/16") to 19Ux19U.


  • All CNC machined surface for superior finish and minimizing RF leakage
  • Cover plate screw spacing is <= 3 wall thickness to minimize RF leakage
  • 3/16" wall thickness for mechanical strength
  • 4 Installation hole to mount kit to a Sub Plate with #2 SHCS
  • Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Includes two high quality (stainless steel) SMA Connectors frequency range DC-24GHz
  • Include feedthrough EMI filter and ground turret terminal for active enclosure
  • Proudly MADE IN USA (Material & Labor)
  • Size from 1" to 4" in 1U Increment (1U = 0.1875") for PCB size
    • Smallest is 5Ux4U, which can hold 3Ux2U PCB (9/16"x3/8").
    • Largest is 20Ux20U, which can hold 18Ux18U PCB (3-3/8"x3-3/8").
  • Customized enclosure is available for quote (drilling, multiple connectors, etc.) at low cost.

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