Broadband Low Noise Amplifier 0.8dB NF 50MHz to 4GHz 18dB Gain with Bias Tee

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LNA50M4GBT is a high-linearity, low noise amplifier with integrated Bias Tee designed for operation from 50MHz to 4GHz in a small 15/16”x15/16”x0.59” shielded RF enclosure (PN: 6UDD2W6S1A2). At 900 MHz, the amplifier typically provides 18 dB gain, +33 dBm OIP3 at a 54 mA bias setting, and 0.8 dB noise figure. The LNA can be biased from a single supply +3V to +5V.

Listed pictures include Product Picture and S Parameter from 0Hz to 4GHz.

    * Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 4 GHz;
    * Noise Figure: 0.8 dB @ 900 MHz, typical <1dB
    * Gain: 18 dB Gain at 900MGHz
    * Output P1dB: +22 dBm CW
    * Output IP3: +33 dBm
    * DC Voltage: +3 to +5V
    * Operating Current: 54 mA
    * Stainless Steel SMA Female Connector
    * High Quality RO4350 RF PCB
    (very low loss and high thermal performance)
    * ROHS Compliant

    * Repeaters/DAS
    * Mobile Infrastructure
    * General Purpose Wireless
    * SDR & Ham Radio
    * Test Instrumentation

This module combines LNA and Bias Tee in one module to save size and simplify the design.

This LNA includes the RF Enclosure as shown in picture.

Click https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1592/7469/files/LNA50M4GBT.pdf to see detailed specification.

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