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  • Develop PCB Coplanar Waveguide (0.5625"x0.5625"x0.062")

    One Develop PCB Coplanar Waveguide with 50Ohm impedance.  PCB Size is 0.5625"x0.5625", which is 3Ux3U (1U=0.1875").  We also call this PCB Size CC (C is the third letter to represent 3U).

    The width of Strip line is 15mil and spacing is 13mil.

    This PCB will fit into 6UDD6W6S1P2 enclosure that I sale on Ebay.

    The first figure is PCB Top.
    The second figure is PCB Bottom.
    The third figure is PCB dimension.
    The fourth figure is S-parameters measured on VNA for this PCB after it is installed in the CC2331P enclosure.  Good performance with less than 0.5dB loss at 8GHz (S21).  The high quality
    Isola FR408 (180TG) PCB should work above 10G Hz based on Isola Data sheet.

    The fifth figure is picture of PCB that is installed in the 6UDD6W6S1P2 enclosure. (Enclosure is not included in this sale).
    The six figure is picture of actual PCB.
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