Active Freq. Multiplier X2 (OUTPUT 23G to 33 GHz) FM2X23G33G

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Part Number: FM2X23G33G Frequency Multiplier X2 with input frequency range from 11.5 GHz to 16.5 GHz and output frequency range from 23 GHz to 33 GHz.  It has low input power drive requirement (0 to +6 dBm). When driven by +3 dBm signal, the multiplier provide a +15 dBm typical output power from 23 to 33GHz.  It integrates 2 Amplifiers (one before Multiplier and one after Multiplier).  The FM2X23G33G is ideal for use in LO multiplier chains for Point-to-Point & VSAT Radios and yielding reduced parts counts vs. traditional approaches.  The input connector is SMA Steel Connector and Output connector is 2.92mm Steel Connector.

Enclosure is using RF Design Kit 6UDD2W6O5A2 with dimension 0.9375"x0.9375x0.47".

SKU#: AK20-004M.


  • Multiply by M: (M=2)
  • High Output Power: +15 dBm
  • Low Input Power Drive: 0 to +6 dBm
  • Input Frequency Range: 11.5 GHz to 16.5 GHz
  • Output Frequency Range: 23 GHz to 33 GHz
  • Fo Isolation >20 dBc @Fout = 28 GHz
  • Single Supply: +5V @81mA


  • Synthesizer, Local Oscillators, Fiber Optic
  • Microwave Radio & Clock Generation
  • Test Instrumentation
  • Satellite Communication/Software Defined Radio/Ham Radio

Resources FM2X23G33G Datasheet