Active Freq. Multiplier X2 (OUTPUT 13G to 24.6G Hz) FM2X13G24P6G

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FM2X13G24P6G Frequency Multiplier X2 with input frequency range from 6.5 GHz to 12.3 GHz and output frequency range from 13 GHz to 24.6 GHz.

Enclosure is using RF Design Kit 6UDD2W6S1A2 with dimension 0.9375"x0.9375x0.59".


    * Multiply by M: (M=2)
    * High Output Power: +17 dBm
    * Low Input Power Drive: 0 to +6 dBm
    * Input Frequency Range: 6.5 GHz to 12.3 GHz
    * Output Frequency Range: 13 GHz to 24.6 GHz
    * Operating Temperature -40 to +85C
    * Input Power Range: 0 to +6 dBm
    * 100 kHz SSB Phase Noise: -136 dBc/Hz


    * Synthesizer, Local Oscillators
    * Microwave Radio
    * Test Instrumentation
    * Satellite Communication/Software Defined Radio/Ham Radio

The frequency divider includes the RF Enclosure as shown in picture.
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Proudly MADE IN USA by Lotus Communication Systems, INC. in Massachusetts. SKU#: AK20_003T