4 Layer Develop PCB Grounded Coplanar Waveguide (0.5625"x0.5625"x0.04") 21Mil Trace

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PN: PCB4CPWG21MCC.  One Develop 4 Layer PCB Coplanar Waveguidewith 50 Ohm impedance. PCB Size is 0.5625"x0.5625x0.020", which is 3Ux3U (1U=0.1875").  We also call this PCB Size CC (C is the third letter to represent 3U).
PCB Material is Rogers RO4350 RF PCB with 20mil thickness. This PCB works over 40 GHz.

The width of Strip line is 21 mil.

This PCB will fit into 6UDD4W6H41SMAP2 enclosure in our web site.

The second picture shows the S-parameters measured when this PCB is installed with 2.92 Southwest End Launch Connectors.