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  • Test Instrument
  • Develop PCB (0.5625"x0.5625"x0.062") for TCXO (5.0*3.2mm)

    One Develop PCB for TCXO with 5.0*3.2mm size.  An Example TCXO is TXC 7P Series Precision TCXO (+/-0.28ppm) that available from Digikey.  In Schematic Picture, C1 is 0603 X7R 0.1uF Capacitor and C2 is 0402 X7R 15pF Capacitor.


    Enclosure is using RF Design Kit (also sold in Ebay) 6UDD6W6S1A1 (only one SMA output) with dimension 0.9375"x0.9375x0.59".


    Detailed PCB Specification:

      * ENIG (gold) finish for superior soldering and environmental resistance

      * 4 Layer PCB

      * PCB Substrate is FR408 (180Tg)

      * PCB board is lead free and RoHS complaint


    Proudly MADE IN USA.

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