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  • Test Instrument
  • Clock Distribution 4 Outputs TCXO 10 MHz (0.28 ppm) (Wide Voltage +5~12V)

    Part Number: CRYTCXO10M4 is a high-performance TCXO/LVCMOS clock fanout.  It can provide 4 outputs. If outputs are not used, terminate with 50Ohm load.  It has low RMS additive phase jitter (42fs typical).  The clock distribution module can operate from +5~12V voltage. 

    SKU#: AK20-016B.

    Proudly Made in USA by Lotus Communication Systems, INC. in Weston, MA.

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    • Frequency Output: 10 MHz (4 Outputs)
    • Supply Voltage: +5~12 V
    • Low RMS additive phase Jitter (42fs typ.)
    • Frequency Stability: 0.28ppm over operational temperature
    • Phase Noise dBc/Hz: -155 @ 10 kHz offset
    • Aging: +/-1ppm max per year, +/-3ppm over 10 years
    • ROHS Compliant


    • Test Instrumentation
    • General Purpose Wireless
    • Clock Distribution


    http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/legal/images/badges/Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32.png CRYTCXO10M4 Datasheet