RF Enclosure Kit for 0.020"/0.5mm PCB with 0.5625"X0.75" Board (Active)

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RF Designer Kit is for RF prototyping with size of the Rogers PCB (RO4350) or FR4 9/16"x3/4"x0.02"(or 0.5mm). Part Number: 6UDE2W6S1A2.

RF Housing Size 5Ux6U (15/16"x1-1/8").  Each U is 3/16". Housing height: 0.59".

Advantages of this RF Kit:

1). All CNC machined surface for superior finish and minimizing RF leakage.

2). 4 Installation hole to mount kit to a back board with #2 Socket Head Cap Screw.

3). Cover plate screw spacing is <= 3 wall thickness to minimize RF leakage.

4). 0.1875" wall thickness for mechanical strength.

5). SMA Connector frequency range DC-24GHz.

SMA Connector Part Number: Santron 1206-63-PJ.

6). Professional Zebra Ultimate Label for Labeling (Can be Customized)

7).ElectrolessNickel Plated per MIL-C-26074, ASTMB 733

8). Proudly MADE IN USA (Material & Labor).

RF Kit include:

  • All CNC Machined Housing and Cover, 1 ea
  • SMA 2-Hole Flange Jack Receptacle Connector, 0.083", 0.012" Pin, 2 ea, Frequency DC-24GHz.
  • EMI Feedthrough Cap 4-40, 100V/10A, 1ea
  • Ground Solder Terminal 4-40, 1 ea
  • 2-56x3/16 SHCS, 8 ea (4 for PCB, 4 for SMA Connector)
  • 2-56x3/16 Flat Head Screw (for Cover), 8 ea

PCB Size is 9/16"x3/4"x0.02"(or 0.5mm) (3Ux4U).  Each U is 3/16".

This Enclosure is ideal to hold Active PCB circuit (e.g., LNA, Mixer etc.).  The EMI Feedthrough for Power is on the center of PCB with pin size 0.032".

Click https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1592/7469/files/6UDE2W6S1A2.pdf to see detailed specification.