RF Enclosure Kit for 0.02"/0.5mm PCB with 9/16"X9/16" Board (1 SMA Active)

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RF Designer Kit is for RF prototyping with size of the Rogers PCB (RO4350) or FR4 9/16"x9/16"x0.02". Part Number:6UDD2W6S1A1.

RF Housing Size: 5Ux5U (15/16"x15/16").  Each U is 3/16". Housing height: 0.59".

Advantages of this RF Kit:

1). All CNC machined surface for superior finish and minimizing RF leakage.

2). 4 Installation hole to mount kit to a back board with #2 Socket Head Cap Screw.

3). Cover plate screw spacing is <= 3 wall thickness to minimize RF leakage.

4). 0.1875" wall thickness for mechanical strength.

5). SMA Connector frequency range DC-24GHz.

SMA Connector Part Number: Santron 1206-63-PJ.

6). Professional Zebra Ultimate Label for Labeling

7).ElectrolessNickel Plated per MIL-C-26074, ASTMB 733

8). Proudly MADE IN USA (Material & Labor).

RF Kit include:

  • All CNC Machined Housing and Cover, 1 ea
  • SMA 2-Hole Flange Jack Receptacle Connector, 0.083", 0.012" Pin, 1 ea, Frequency DC-24GHz.
  • EMI Feedthrough Cap 4-40, 100V/10A, 1ea
  • Ground Solder Terminal 4-40, 1 ea
  • 2-56x3/16 SHCS, 6 ea (4 for PCB, 2 for SMA Connector)
  • 2-56x3/16 Flat Head Screw (for Cover), 8 ea

PCB Size is 3/16"x3/16"x0.02" (3Ux3U).  Each U is 0.1875". The PCB mounting hole spacing is 3/8" and 3/8" respectively.

This Enclosure is ideal to hold Active PCB circuit with one output only (e.g., Clock etc.).  The EMI Feedthrough for Power is on the center of PCB with pin size 0.032".

Click https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1592/7469/files/6UDD2W6S1A1.pdf to see detailed PDF specification.