1 Channel 32 dB Programmable Attenuator (USB Stick), 0.25 dB Step, 9K - 8 GHz

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Manufacture Part Number: A1Q9K8G32 is a general purpose, single channel programmable attenuator suitable for wide range of signal level control applications from 9K to 8 GHz.  The Attenuator provides 0 to 31.75 dB attenuation in 0.25 dB steps.

The Attenuator is housed in an ultra-compact and rugged enclosure with two SMA Female connectors.  The attenuator can be controlled via USB. Full software supported with our user-friendly GUI application for Windows and Linux.

It uses USB Type A connector for connection.  Control Software is included in USB Stick. SKU#: AK20-004O.

Proudly Made in USA by Lotus Communication Systems, INC. in Massachusetts (www.lotussys.com).


  • Frequency Range: 9K to 8G Hz
  • Wide Attenuation Range: 31.75 dB
  • Fine Attenuation Resolution: 0.25 dB
  • Short Attenuation Transition Time (500 ns)
  • Stainless Steel SMA Female Connector
  • High Quality Rogers RO4350 RF PCB
  • Electroless Nickel Plating and Permanent Laser Marking
  • USB Control
  • ROHS Compliant


  • Test Instrumentation
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • General Purpose Wireless
  • Radar & VSAT
  • SDR & Ham Radio

Resources (Datasheet)

http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/legal/images/badges/Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32.pngA1Q9K8G32 Datasheet

Windows/Linux GUI Control SW

Self-Executable GUI SW Download