Frequency Mixer 3.7G - 10GHz RF and DC - 4G IF (Passive)

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MIX3P7G10G is a Level 7 (LO Power +7 dBm) passive wide band frequency mixer (3700 to 10000 MHz) in a small 15/16”x15/16”x0.59” shielded RF enclosure (PN: 6UDD2W6S1P3). It has low insertion loss (6.0dB typ.) and excellent IF BW (DC to 4GHz). It can be used for up and down converter.

    * Frequency Range: 3700 MHz to 10000 MHz;
    * Low insertion loos, 6.0 dB typ.
    * LTCC double balanced mixer
    * Useable as up and down converter
    * High Quality Isola-Tera RF PCB
    (very low loss and high thermal performance)
    * ROHS Compliant
    * Operating Temp. (-40oC to 85oC)
    * Storage Temp. (-55oC to 100oC)
    * Maximum RF Power 50mW

    * Satellite up/down converter
    * Mobile Infrastructure
    * VSAT/ISM
    * General Purpose Wireless
    * SDR & Ham Radio
    * Test Instrumentation

This Mixer includes the RF Enclosure as shown in picture.

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Proudly MADE IN USA.