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  • Test Instrument
  • Active Frequency Mixer (MIX3G20G500M9G) 3GHz to 20GHz RF and 500M - 9G IF (LTC5553)

    Part Number: MIX3G20G500M9G is a broadband, microwave double balanced passive mixer with integrated LO Buffer (0dBm LO Drive) in a small 15/16”x15/16”x0.49” shielded RF enclosure (PN: 6UDD2W6S1A3). The mixer and integrated RF balun are optimized to cover 3GHz to 20GHz RF frequency range.  The integrated LO amplifier is optimized for 1GHz to 20GHz frequency range. The integrated IF balun is optimized to cover IF 500MHz to 9GHz. The mixer delivers high IIP3 and P1dB and low LO to RF and LO to IF leakages. SKU#: AK20-001G.

    Proudly Made in USA by Lotus Communication Systems, INC. in Massachusetts (www.lotussys.com).

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    • Up-conversion or Down-conversion
    • RF Freq. Range: 3GHz to 20GHz
    • LO Freq. Range: 1GHz to 20GHz
    • IF Freq. Range: 500MHz to 9GHz
    • High IIP3: +24dBm @ 10GHz
    • 9dB Conversion Loss @ 10GHz
    • +16dBm Input P1dB @ 10GHz
    • Integrated LO Buffer: 0dBm LO Drive
    • Low LO-RF Leakage: <-25dBm
    • +3.3V/132mA Supply
    • Stainless Steel SMA Female Connector
    • High Quality Rogers RO4350 RF PCB
    • ROHS Compliant
    • Use LTC5553 Mixer Part


    • Microwave Transceivers/Point-to-Point Microwave
    • Test Instrument
    • Satellite MODEMs
    • General Purpose Wireless
    • Phased-Array Antennas

    Resources (PDF Datasheet)

    http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/legal/images/badges/Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32.png MIX3G20G500M9G Datasheet